Prioritize your Family Estate Planning

Prioritize your Family Estate Planning

Decision-making with the family always had been an issue especially to siblings whose parents are deceased or are alive but has come of age or a loved one suffering from a medical condition. Considering an estate planning is not limited to families only but this applies to all individuals who are capable enough to truly apply for an estate plan regardless of the age as long as you are in the legal consent and with a sound conscious mind.

The importance of having an estate planned ahead is that you will never know what will happen to you in case there are situations that would truly risk your life. Making an estate plan will determine as to what the people that are involved in your life be it your husband or wife, or if not married then your parents will know what to do in case something will happen to you be it in a severely medical state condition or any situation that makes you struggling or incapable of doing your own decision-making. It is very important that you as young as you are now begin planning for your future. In your estate planning, you acknowledge the people who will have the right to decide on your behalf. As you develop your estate planning the presence of an estate planning lawyer is needed since this is a legal form of documentation and process. What is estate planning made of? There are things that you need to consider as you declare your estate plans. These are:

The power of attorney- it is a written document wherein you are appointing a person to do the decision making on your behalf in the times of your incapacity under a limited or short amount of time.

The living will- this documentation allows the direct physician (advance directive) in which you are under his care to decide in the case of a medical circumstance wherein the specification of action is taken when you are no capable of communicating to do your own decision making.

Pre-need guardian- this is another type of advanced directive wherein you appoint in declaring in your document that you are allowing these group of people that you think is suited for the position to serve as your guardian.

Health care surrogate- this documentation allows a consenting adult that means is in legal age to decide for your healthcare needs by the time you are unable to communicate. You should be specific as to which course of action should be done on your behalf such as “do not resuscitate”, a declaration of mental treatment and much more.

As these documents serve as your wishes this will be carried throughout during the time that you are incapacitated to do your own decision making. Remember that each of the estates plans that you make each has it own purpose at a designated time. This will help you and your family gets through tough times and it can be very emotional in the dealing with the situation. Being prepared for unwanted circumstances will give you a peace of mind because you know for the fact who will decide for you when it comes to this daunting situation.